Gig Harbor

Harbor Life Church
4417 56th St NW   
From the Heart (Women’s) 
Sat     10:00 AM

Miracle Tuesday 

Round Table Pizza
5500 Olympic Drive                        

Tue        NOON


United Methodist Church   
7400 Pioneer Way           
Serendipity Women’s Gp   

Mon     1:00 PM  


AA meeting

Agnus Dei Lutheran Church 

10511 Peacock Hill NW     
We Agnostics   
Thur      6:00 PM

*Group Conscious 1st Thursday of each month at 6:45 pm

The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.”


St John’s Episcopal Church
7701 Skansie Ave

Healthy Livers

Sunday 6:00- 7:00 pm

Step in Time (Women’s) 

In Person:
Sat          9:00 AM

ZOOM (Not Hybrid)
PW: 026814


Men’s Stag Meeting
Sat         9:00 AM



Eagles Club 
4425 Burnham Dr   

Nick at Noon

Mon             Daily Reflections
Tuesday      12 X 12
Wednesday  Daily Reflections
Thursday       As Bill Sees It

Friday            Daily Reflections


Harbor Life Church

4417 56th St NW   

KISS Big Book Study
Friday 7:00 pm



Gateway Point

2609 Jahn Ave A-11


Serenity Hall
Sun- Sat                     7:00

Sun-Sat   (NO WED)   NOON


Wed  (Women’s)          NOON
 Sun- Sat                    5:30 PM

Tue  (Book Study)         7:00 PM
Thur (Women’s)            7:00 PM