Port Orchard Group AA meetings

Port Orchard

Givens Activity Bldg
1025 Tacoma Ave


Port Orchard AA

Mon:  8:00 PM Book Study
Tue:    8:00 PM Interview
Wed:  7:00 PM Women’s Closed
Thur:  8:00 PM
Fri:     8:00 PM
Sat:    10:00 AM  Women’s Meeting 

Sat:    7:30 PM Sobriety Celebration Speakers
Givens Activity Building Room 1
Listen to Our Speakers!


Givens Activity Bldg
1025 Tacoma Ave

Courage to Change Group

Sun & Mon & Thur:   NOON
Tue:   NOON  Big Book
Wed:  NOON  Daily Reflections
Fri:     NOON  12 X 12
Sat:    NOON  Men’s Closed

First Lutheran Church

2483 Mitchell Rd SE


East Port Orchard Group

Sun:  7:30 PM
Tue:  7:30 PM Big Book

Thur  7:30 PM  

How it Works moved to St Bedes on March 2nd!!

St Bedes 
1578 SE Lider Rd


How it Works Group

Tue:  6:15-7:30 PM  12 X 12
Thur  6:15-7:30 PM  Big Book